How it's work

Start by Creating a Log

Log detail about Sports practice or your sports training . Do self evaluation. Feed in your competitive results. Report an Injury. Keep Track of your nutrition. There is so much more to do

Do regular Self Assessment

Use Xdrona to do self assessment of your technical skills, physical fitness, your mental strengths or tactical prowess


Do analysis of your competitive performances with respect to your training data. Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Consult Expert

Get access to experts at your fingertips. These experts use your long term data to give you advice so that you can improve upon your competitive performance

Xdrona in Future

Get Rating

A relative Rating which rates your overall sports capabilities & competitive performances against your competitors

Data from fitness devices

Integrate data from fitness devices with Xdrona. This will give you insight in your growth as an athlete like never before

Improve your rating and get incentives

We are working on an AI based algorithm which will make your Xdrona Rating as pathway to commercial benefit

Manage Your public profile

You’ll be able to create & manage your profile on Xdrona. You can use it to attract sponsors, clubs and teams

What are you waiting for

Start using it for Free