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Best Assessment test to find out exact requirement or issues with your physical fitness


Analyze your results and track your growth using online tools & share results with your trainers and coaches


First tool in India to recommend customizr exercise routine
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Fitness Enthusiasts

If you want to get into fitness and is scared of getting back pain or knee pain or you do not know which exercises to do, then Xdrona is the place where you start. Get an in-depth physical health analysis done and get customized a ‘no’ equipment but highly efficient exercise routine.


Aspiring athletes do not have to worry about their sports fitness anymore. Achieve you peak performance by knowing the areas to work upon and without worrying about injuries


Tracking athlete growth made easier by our regular Fitness Assessment, analysis and athlete self evaluation tool. Xdrona provides a opportunity for academies to earn extra revenue through our unique “Assessment Partnership Model”

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If you are a fitness trainer or a sports coach then Xdrona gives you an opportunity to learn, assess & earn through our unique “Assessment Partnership Model”


Do you want to know which sport is good for your child or why your child does not participate in physical activities. Xdrona helps you understand both


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