Fast track your Improvement in Sports

Sports Talent can take you so far

Good Sports talent or more specifically good sports technique (skills) can help you reach a certain level earlier than others with less skills or talent. However, to excel at the highest level of sport you need more than that. You would need to be in the best physical condition, have to be mentally strong & take the right nutrition. Xdrona provide you all this at one place

Sports Specific Fitness program

Getting the right fitness regime for the sport you play is always difficult. You can hire a personal trainer or go to the gym, but you won’t be able to get the right fitness regime which is best suited for you and can help you to improve your performance in sports competition. Xdrona’s Musculoskeletal Assessment based fitness program caters to the young athletes who are looking for customised fitness programs at reasonable cost

Right Use of Technology

Our web application will work like an Assistant for the Parents, youth and our experts. You get a fitness workout which is tailored as per your fitness level and the sport you play. You get tools to help you track and rate your Sports practice, fitness training & competitive performance. You can Keep a log of your diet as well as injuries. This helps to keep you in top shape for your sport

Best team to get best results

We have handpicked the experts for Physical fitness assessment and training as well as for Nutrition & Mental Fitness to give you world class service experience. They work in tandem to help you improve and become the best.

With Xdrona you can get:

  • Physical Literacy Assessment
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment for young athletes
  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Customised Workout
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessment
  • Fitness Counselling
  • Online Fitness Program for young athletes
  • Sports Specific Fitness Program
  • Help you find the best Sports Academies