Why is important to have a daily log or a Journal

Maintaining a Daily log or a Journal is an important part of Athlete’s daily routine. The log covers the exercises undertaken during the day, sleeping hours, your diet pattern and end of the day self-evaluation. Having a log always helps one to keep track of training in a proper manner.

Why do we do self-reflection after every day of training

“Without proper self-evaluation failure is inevitable”. These were the words of legendary US Basketball coach John Wooden. According to him “Without a plan and a method of periodic measurement, you really can’t claim to be maximizing your talents. If you don’t have a chart or two in your home that you mark daily, or at least twice a week, you surely are achieving below your capacity.” So, self-evaluation  and filling up a daily log should be part of every athlete’ daily routine. This way you can monitor the progress one has made over a period of time.


Why is post-match evaluation is important

The objective of learning from your past performances is to find ways to improve in your chosen sport. Humans have a  tendency to make mistakes and more so under pressure of sports performance and there is always a margin of human error in every sports performance. Post-match evaluation is a way to find out the high and lows of your performance in the competitive matches

Why do we give rating to each question

We rate each post practice self-evaluation question on the scale of 1 to 100. This is the easiest way to know the days you have done well and days you have not. You can also find out which parameters you rated better than the others. For example, one day your ‘Mental Focus’ might be excellent and you rated it as 90 out of 100 while on the other day you lacked ‘Effort’ in your training and you rated it 50 out of 100. So, it will be easier way to track your training performance


Why do I have to do self-assessment even though I only require to use the platform for self-reflection

Self-assessment is a mechanism or a tool to understand your perception about your own proficiency level in a particular sport at that particular point of time. We give this service for free to all our athlete users. It’s the easiest tool available to measure or evaluate one’s own aspects and habits which shape your identity and character irrespective of the field you are indulged in. It’s the first step towards enlightening yourself about your own being. That’s why a periodic self-evaluation can help you make better adjustments as you move forward in your life and career.

But how do I conduct my own Self-Assessment?

Through X-Drona. And it’s easy. We will be providing a free tool / mechanism to help our users in that regard. The users will only have to answer a series of multiple-choice-questions, or one-liners. A rating will be displayed to the users at the end of the completion of the Self-Assessment round.

What if I am not satisfied with my Self-Assessment?

As we mentioned, Self-Assessment is the easiest way to know about oneself, but it can be a bit tricky as well as sometimes we are not true to ourselves. That’s why taking the help of our experts can help you take that extra step forward in your Self-Assessment.

Xdrona & You

How will Xdrona help me to grow as an athlete

Xdrona is well placed to help athletes improve their sports performance. The analytics based on your evaluation journal & self-assessment will give you indicators of the areas you have to improve your performance in. This data can be shared with your coaches as well. Xdrona helps you to access experts such as Sports Psychologists, Dieticians, Physiotherapists and others who can use this data and help you improve your performance.

Till when is the usage of the platform is free for athletes

As we have said that Xdrona is a Platform For Athletes and Of Athletes. So, following this motto we have decided that all the required tools on the platform are free for athletes.

What all tools you will get for the athletes

We have a lot of great tools and products coming your way in future releases. Our idea of Xdrona is that the platform should work like an Assistant for you in your training. As they say “all good things for those who wait”. So, for exact details you have to wait for the right time.

What are you waiting for

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