In the Xdrona’s Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth, we test children for skills such as Locomotor, object control, running, balance etc. Different sports require these skills in different combinations. The observations of each test are fed into the system and our proprietary algorithm gives you the list of sports your child can excel at
These Assessments have been in use for many decades in the western world. For example, in Europe these are referred as Eurofit Fitness Test Battery or in Canada these are called Playfun Physical Literacy Tests. In India as a country, we are just starting to use these Physical Literacy Assessments at a wider level. At Xdrona we have customised these assessments specifically for our Indian children. We have different set of Assessment test for different age groups
One of the reasons a child does not engage in sports activity is that he/she does not get to play a sport the child is good at. Many times they end up playing a wrong sport and find themselves languishing at the bottom of the heap at the skill level while they watch their friends progressing well. This triggers a feeling of inferiority and it further leads to the withdrawal of the child from the particular sport and in many cases, all types of physical activity. So, if we can identify a right sport for the child then we can avoid this scenario to great extent
While these Assessments test an individual child for his/her fitness & skill, what these tests also do is to give you a result of your child’s performance with respect to the other children in the same age-group and as per the standards mentioned by Indian Paediatric Association. This comparison helps us identify any growth-related issues in your child
As of now we are providing Assessment services at your doorstep around North Bangalore. However, there are certain criteria to be fulfilled. Please contact us for the same. Further, we are providing these services online as well.
Yes , in Xdrona our assessment will help your child to identify whether your child is lacking in physical literacy skill or does he have to improve his musculoskeletal area, so that we will be making a fitness routine plan according to his assessment result .
At xdrona we check both physical literacy and Musculoskeletal Fitness of the youth, also the nutrition, mental assessment will give your child 360 degree of your child fitness. And we will create a fitness regime according to your child fitness level.
He can focus on multiple sports, with the help of our assessment result you will get a better idea of which sports your child can be better at, so that he can focus with proper training according to those sports. Further, it is advised that the child should play multiple sports till he reaches adolescence. This is beneficial for the overall physical, cognitive & emotional development of the child. Post that they can concentrate on sports they want to pursue
At xdrona we also provide nutrition counselling, mental health counselling,recommend best sports academies nearby your place, tracking the growth of your child by using our application, fitness training individual and group classes at your place or at Xdrona centre.
We provide individual fitness training and group classes at your place as well as online.
Yes. In their daily life they need certain skills such as object control, coordination of upper body and lower body, body movement technique, balance and flexibility etc. In most of the lifestyle situations they are using these skills knowingly or unknowingly, these assessments will help to find out which skills they need to improve .
As for the Musculoskeletal Fitness Assessments we were helped by Dr Sandeep Kumar. He had been using these tests for the Athlete’s assessment he had been working with. Generally, these are used to identify any dysfunction in an athlete's body which can lead to any injury in the future. For youth and the general population good Musculoskeletal fitness has been attributed to things like personal independence and better quality of life, lower risk of cardiovascular disease or fracture, and injuries due to falls. It has also been linked to improved cognitive and functional ability. So, with the help of Dr Sandeep we were able to customise these tests for adolescents and youth
No, as these tests are based on Musculoskeletal Structure which is same in both the genders
Even though your child is not into any sports, these assessments will help us understand the physical literacy skills of your child. These skills are important in their daily life, movement and situation. Improving these skills will help to get a better lifestyle and longevity in future. These skills will give confidence to your child to engage in any physical activity with confidence and poise all their life. The kid will be more likely to make healthy choices and would be able stay healthy and have a long life.
Young Athletes
The requirement for these tests came up from the need to preserve the fitness of an athlete since an athlete is an expensive Investment. Injuries to the athletes not only cause damage to them but they also cause huge financial losses to the teams and clubs. So, the idea was to come up with tests that can assess the cause of these injuries or to prevent new injuries.. The injuries which could be due to bad diet or bad nutrition or lack of rest or maybe due to the make-up of the athlete’s body. These factors make them prone to a particular type of injury. So, these tests are critical for the athletes who want to pursue sport at the highest level
High level of Physical fitness is one of the major factors in any Sports performance. Be it a a Virat Kohli or a Novak Djokovic or a Christano Ronaldo, all of them are at their peak level of fitness all the time. To achieve this kind of fitness one has to know the areas to work upon as per the requirement of the sport and what wear and tear the body has sustained due regular training and competitions. Our Musculoskeletal Assessment Tests help you to identify these areas. This way you achieve peak fitness and perform at your best at all the time