Xdrona Services to


In-depth Fitness Assessment of the Athlete


A technology platform to analyse & track sports performance of the athlete during training & competition


Analytical tools to Understand th progress and needs of your athletes


Get psychology, nutrition & physiotherapy data for your athletes at one place

For the first time Athletes of Grassroot Academies can access Functional Musculoskeletal Assessment which was till now accessible to national and international athletes.

How does it work for the Academy?

Academy registers with xdrona

Get the assessment done for your athlete & Analyse the results

Get the recommendation of customised exercise routine for Athletes

Athlete give feedback of training through self evaluation and coach can monitor

Athlete gets experts such as Psychologist, nutritionist & Physiotherapist

Academy can monitor fitness & sports performance as well as diet, injuries and mental growth of athlete (Login)

How the Academy benefit?

Your trainers get customised fitness routine for each athlete

Regular Assessment help athlete achieve peak sports performance without worrying about injuries

An extra source of income through our “Assessment Partnership Model

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