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Sports-training based Fitness Program

Unique structure

Sports specific, no equipment exercises engage your body fully

Assessment based

Regular updates track your progress

Awaken your Inner Athlete

Achieve sportsman level mental and physical strength

Why is Our Program Unique?

Sports training aims at holistic fitness

Each sport requires you to build your body in a certain way. We combine the best bits so that your fitness journey is complete. Sports make fitness fun so that it becomes easy to integrate health and wellbeing in your lifestyle

Our Process

Everyday is a new day at Xdrona! Follow fresh and exciting training regimens of athletes from different sports like Tennis, Badminton, Football and Boxing among others. Our expert trainers will guide you every step of the way. You can choose to take 1-on-1 classes at your home or group sessions at a convenient location

Online Sports Fitness Workout

With our online workouts, you can get a solid workout in wherever you are. Easy-to-follow exercises which require NO EQUIPMENT mean getting fit has never been easier!

Coming Soon

Fitness Club

One-of-its-kind fitness centre for group sessions and personal training

Client's Speak

We appreciate our client reviews & feedback, have a look at what our clients say about "Xdrona"

Xdrona and Shaheed has helped change my outlook towards fitness workout. I always use to think of fitness workouts as a unwanted task I have to do every day. But then Xdrona’s sports workout came along, and it changed my life. Now, I have fell in love with fitness and all thanks to Shaheed and Xdrona


When I started, I found Xdrona’s fitness regime so intense that you just want to give up after every session. But after a week or so your body and mind get used to it so much that you just want to do it every day. Further, the best part is their view towards food and diet. You do not have to follow intense diet plans which make you feel hungry and tired all the time. Kudos


It has been almost two months now since I started Xdrona’s Sports fitness workout. At the start I found the whole regime too intimidating but after some time that is what all I wanted. Xdrona’s trainer Shaheed is not only a great instructor, but he is also quite knowledgeable about the science of fitness and nutrition. I highly recommend Xdrona’s Sports fitness workout.


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