Do you want to know which sport is good for your child? Or do you want your child to improve in your sport at a faster rate? Or you just want to improve the physical literacy of your child so that they remain active in their later years? Xdrona helps you understand and fix all these problems

Find the right sport for your child through our Skill Assessments

Get professional guidance on the progress of your child in sports

Make your child fit the right way using our physical literacy improvement and fitness program


Be it a parent who wants to know which sport their child can be good at or who wants a healthy and long life for their child or a young Athlete who wants to achieve peak performance in a competitive sport, we have assessments for everyone to achieve their respective goals. Xdrona brings to you Internationally recognised & accepted Assessments for sports and fitness for youth.

Young Athletes

Get yourself assessed for sports skills, fitness & mental capacity. Improve your game with the help of our Assessment based sports specific fitness training program. Get mental strength training & get the right nutrition for peak performance. Further, track your sports growth using our we app

Xdrona Web Application

In today’s fast paced world one can’t provide great service without having technology as a backbone. We have created a web application which provides a slew of tools for everyone. Parents can track their child's sports growth. Young athletes can not only keep a Journal of Sports & Fitness training but also the competition they have played.