We are Helping India’s
Children to do well in Sports

A child with Good Physical Literacy Skill is more likely to do well in sports

Physical Literacy improvement programs can make children sports ready

Physical fitness is key contributor to great sports performance

Parents Benefit

We help you identify the most relevant sport and best sports academy around you

Track sports progress of your child using Xdrona’s application

Get access to other experts such as Fitness trainers, nutritionists, sports psychologists etc

How do we do it?


Our Counselling help you understand your role as a sports parent. We also help you to making right decisions


Our Trainer and Assessment specialist do the assessments of the child for Physical Literacy or Fitness

Instant Results

You get an instant report on your child’s performance on the Xdrona Web Application

Assigning Workout and Recommending Academies

Our Trainers will assign the workout using the algorithms of Xdrona Web application

Nutrition and Mental Health Counselling

Nutritionist will understand your child’s current Nutritional intake and Mental Health Counsellor will help them in handling the psychosocial pressure of being Sportsman

Web Application

Check assessment results or connect with experts, you can achieve a lot through our Application