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How do Sports Help in making you good at Problem Solving?

Anirudh Singh - 23 Dec 2021 15:10

“There is one good thing about sports, that you never stop Learning”

All the famous sportspersons know or have experienced how sports changed them and shaped their lives in different ways. Sports has not only fetched them stardoms but most importantly has helped them nurture and further implement problem-solving techniques in every sphere of their life. Most of the parents these days push their children way too much into studies with a belief that if their children won’t study hard, life will be completely miserable for them in every way. They assume that the lack of proper education and focus might deviate them from the path of success and impede them from achieving material success. As a result, any kind of sports activity tends to get highly neglected.

A very well-known saying goes pretty well with the current scenario - “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It is indeed true. The focus only on studies and lack of recreation or any kind of physical activity in children’s lives makes them dull and unamiable. Our mind’s constitution is such that it can work for hours on the same thing continuously, but there comes a point when it needs relaxation too. Hence, besides persuading your children to concentrate only on their academics, parents should think about their well-being and encourage them for sports and other physical activities too.

It is definitely not wrong to prompt your child to study, as every parent wants his/her child to excel in every field. But, amidst this race, never forget that an adequate balance needs to be maintained between academics and the fitness of the child. With rapid advances in science and technology and also escalating emphasis on academics and hence the parental pressure, children nowadays are unable to maintain a healthy balance between study and sports and therefore the level of sports and fitness has started to tail off. Little do the parents understand what miracles can happen if they encourage their children to go ahead and indulge in sports by taking out time from their crazy textbook learning schedules. A change is possible only if parents along with the schools take initiatives to spread awareness regarding the importance of sports and fitness amongst students. Parents should ascertain that they inculcate the culture of sports in their children right from their early childhood so that they follow it throughout their lives.

How do Sports make a difference?

  •  Sports teach an individual how to stay focused.
  • It helps develop quick decision-making skills without wasting much time pondering or getting lost time and again.
  • Sports teaches you to be multitasking.
  • Balancing time successfully between educational activities and hobbies/interests.
  • Sports teaches almost all the skills that can help your kids turn into exceptional team players and leaders.
  • Indulging in sports activities enables your kid to successfully and proactively lead and manage big teams in the future. This way they can also manage people coming from diverse backgrounds and varied temperaments.

Almost all the skills that shape our lives in great ways are embedded in all kinds of sports activities. The students or kids can implement these invaluable problem-solving techniques in real life and can enhance the quality of their lives in a drastic manner.

Let’s take the example of the team sport of Football. In a match, at any given point of time, a footballer has to consider hundreds of scenarios out of which he has to pick and execute the best possible option to pass the ball to his teammate. This he has to do in the split of a second and that too when he is physically and mentally tired and is surrounded by the opposing player. So, one can understand how good a person can become in problem-solving if one has to go through the rigors of sports, day in day out. This kind of situation arises in almost all team or individual sports.

Be it badminton, tennis, hockey, basketball or swimming, each sport teaches you great problem-solving skills in its own manner. While chasing dreams relentlessly, students often get demotivated, start getting low on self-confidence and at times self-esteem too. What comes to the rescue during such times? Sports. Sports, with the help of its multi-dimensional problem-solving techniques, help them focus, stay patient and perform better with elevated levels of enthusiasm, conviction and courage. The students learn to accept and perform in the toughest of situations. In this manner, they will stay well prepared to face any kind of challenges coming their way. Sports have the power to turn a normal individual into a better individual, a better warrior who is never afraid! Always remember that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. It is inevitably a relaxed mind that is a rejuvenated one. Sports or any other physical activities have the potential to revitalize the mind’s inborn abilities. So, don’t let the pressure of academics take a toll on your child’s both mental and physical health. It’s high time that you think and acts.




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