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How to find a good Sports Academy for your child?

Anirudh Singh & Anurag Tyagi - 23 Dec 2021 15:00

How to find a Good Sports Academy for your Child?

When searching for a sports academy for their precious child, the biggest obstacle that a parent find is the problem of plenty. For every one sport, chances are that the parents will end up with a handful of a list claiming to be the best Sports club or Academies in the concerned Sport. So how do parents decide which one is the best for their precious child!

  • Motives and consider your child's interest - Get all your doubts clear about the motives behind finding a top-notch sports academy for your child. Is it just for some extra-curricular activities that you are seeking for your child, or does he show love and passion for the sport, and above all do you see a potential champion in your child? If it is for getting your ward out of the closed room and away from his gaming console or TV, then probably any sports academy will do. But if your ward loves the sport and the smell of grass, then you must choose a sports academy with a proper set-up.

  • Finding the facility - Considering you have trimmed down the list, the next step is to find the facility of the academy. This is an important part, do extensive research, talk with parents who have enrolled their children in the academy. This little one-on-one chat can help you get an idea of how the academy works. An online search will also help you in knowing the reputation of the academy.

  • Location - This is perhaps the 2nd biggest factor every parent and athlete takes into consideration when choosing an academy. Sports clubs or academies can be found in different places. There are academics who provide a residential option while others are non-residential and work on an hourly basis where athletes come for training. If you are seeking a residential academy, then you must choose a center with quality boarding facilities.  For those offering boarding facilities, find out about the academic aspect as well. Such a center needs to provide an environment for learning and academic progress.

  • Training program - As they say "All that Glitters is not Gold",  This is something that shapes the destiny of an aspiring athlete. Forget about the big lush green grounds, exorbitant facilities and high costs that come with it, if the academy is not following a rule of thumb in training, your ward will most probably end up becoming an average player. Or better to say, he would never fulfill his potential.

So before choosing an academy, get to know about how the academy trains its students. How many efforts do the coaches put into the training ground? Are the coaches educated about the training manuals? What are the measures of coaches' levels of training and fitness for developing the child’s skill? How are the amenities and equipment used to facilitate the training? Find a program that best suits your child’s needs.

  • Cost of the training
  • identify your need
  • Ask about the training
  • Balance of Academies and Training
  • Outlining a typical program



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