How schools are the Best places to make Elite athletes

Anirudh Singh - 26 Apr 2022 15:35

Balancing Sports and academics are a real challenge for all aspiring sportspersons. The school schedules unfailingly slam into sporting plans and in this manner create a lot of devastation in the whole framework where the student, the future athlete finds it extremely difficult to balance the schedules of the two.The older the students get, the more they need to decide, at every phase of their life, about what to organise at any one point in time: sports or scholastics.

Despite these challenges schools are considered well-positioned to support students and their families in dealing with their scholarly and sporting goals. Schools undoubtedly can be considered as the best places to make elite athletes who can be jewels of their schools taking part in inter-school competitions and at levels a lot higher than that.

Let me tell you, how?

Most of the schools these days possess (& boast of) good sports infrastructure and many have dedicated coaches for various sports (quality of them does not matter). Further, a school is a place where a child spends most of their wake time. The only measure that schools need to take is to put a proper system in place that will help create athletes within the school itself. If the schools take a step ahead in doing the needful, then it will be of great help for the parents, who otherwise must enrol their wards into expensive sports academies which in turn leads to a lot of financial stress for parents and waste of their and child’s precious time in commuting.


In the present Indian scenario, we generally get a lot of enrolment in the junior sports. However, as the burden of academics increases on the child (age 13 to 15 or grade 8 to 10) almost 8 out of 10 kids stop playing sport. The primary reason can be attributed to the lack of time to play the sport as academics eats up into the training. As I suggested in my last article about Physical Literacy and Sports excellence, that our school system should take charge of improving Physical Literacy for creating future healthy citizen, similarly the onus of creating our future athletes should lie with schools


With commuting becoming a challenging by the day in our overcrowded cities and good sports infrastructure still not accessible to many parts of our cities, schools must step up and play a significant role in the life of a student-athlete by providing them avenues to succeed and bring laurels at an elite level for themselves and the schools, without having to sacrifice their academic potential. Further, a lot of universities around the world provide sports scholarships, which can be availed by the school children. This can be another feather in the school's cap.


Any of the elite sports nowadays accompany distinctly outlined plans including all-around consideration of the future athletes that include basic and advanced fitness regime with customised nutrition and lesson plans with proper sporting schedules. To assure that things are going on effectively a separate agency can be deployed for the same after proper consultation with the schools. These agencies assist the schools in identifying talented individuals and curating perfect plans for them in sporting activities keeping in consideration that they do not lag in their academics as well. So, apart from winning awards in championships and state/national level competitions, these agencies ascertain to acknowledge the students on how education can turn into their reinforcement support if they don't turn into successful athletes.

Hence, if the schools take charge of the sports just like academics, then there will be far more talent in sports at every level, which otherwise gets wasted due to the burden of academics and clearly it will be true to say that schools can be the best places to make elite athletes.


Xdrona Sports is well placed to assist the schools in their endeavour of creating elite athletes.




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