Schools best place to create sportsman

Why are we moving towards an inactive and unhealthy future and only our Schools have the solution for this?

Anirudh Singh - 20 May 2022 15:58

In my younger days (late 70’s and early 80’s) I used to engage in a lot of unorganized physical activities. Activities such as climbing trees, a lot of cycling or exploring new places in our neighborhoods (which included climbing, jumping, crawling and various other physical activities) were part of our free time. These activities are used to aid in the development of individual physical fitness and motor skills. Among my friends who were in school with me, there is hardly anybody who does not have decently developed motor skills or physical capacity.  

However, with the increase of urbanization and lack of community and open spaces (kids recreation spaces in societies are perennially crowded) coupled with the kids' attraction towards digital devices, the sedentary lifestyle is on the dramatic rise among our youth and that too at an alarming rate. The amount of physical activity of an average urban kid is very limited. Few parents do send kids for one-off sports classes, but these classes concentrate on sports skills rather than overall fitness. This leads to skewed development of motor skills and physical fitness which in turn leads to overuse injury and burnout.

Surprisingly, the solution for this problem is within our grasp and as a society, we should strive to leverage that. We all know that the only place where the kids are away from these digital devices and a place that has big open spaces to play (at least most of them) is a School. Moreover, kids spend most of their “awake” time in school and it is there they learn everything by themselves without any influence from parents. So, even though a child has an inactive parent, an active life at school will lead to making a healthy kid. Further, kids get influenced by their peers and teachers very easily. So, if they see their best friends playing various sports or a wonderful teacher who inspires them to be active, then they have a better chance of taking up a physically active lifestyle.

Just like school teaches fundamentals of education (language or science) and civic life (etiquettes and manners) for leading a good and successful life in the society, they should also take the lead in teaching children physical literacy which will help kids to have a healthy and disease-free life. We at Xdrona help the school to implement a regular assessment-based sports & physical literacy development program. This program not only helps the children to improve their physical capacity but also helps in identifying talented children who have the potential of becoming an elite athlete

If this does not happen then I doubt that we will be able to produce healthy citizens let alone top-class athletes and we will be moving towards a lethargic & inactive society thick and fast. A society whose dependence on healthcare will rob our country a lot in terms of our financial health.

Is anyone listening ???


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