Parents create athletes

How Parents shape an Athlete?

Anirudh Singh - 23 Dec 2021 14:55

How Parents Shape Athlete?

A huge number of children participate in sports over the world, from joining a football crew or a training camp to finding a profound love for running or a characteristic ability to stand and proceed onward a surface other than a typical walking ground. At the grassroots level, the emphasis is on the ABC of learning, where balance, attentiveness and coordination abilities are found out with accentuation on the enjoyment and social part of the game. This beginning stage gives the essential aptitudes to the child athlete to advance with progressively focused training and a view to begin contending.

Parental support has been related to youth participation level in sports, the child's physical and mental prosperity, and their definitive achievement and energy for the game. Parents indeed play a paramount role in the holistic development of a child athlete. They go about as the first mentor and their commitment is huge to the extent forming a child's personality for what's to come is concerned. 

“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.”

The above statement by Ann Landers represents each parent on the planet. It is the duty of each parent on the planet to nourish their child with the correct contemplations, to support them in a positive atmosphere since one of the most significant things that history has taught us is that an individual is enormously impacted by his/her environment. It doesn't make a difference what vocation a child decides for himself, parents should consistently give their full help and inspire them to accomplish their goals in the future.

To develop a positive, self-reliant and motivated athlete parents ought to be cognizant of the following:

1.   Shape your surroundings into a positive atmosphere

Apparently, when a child is born, he/she becomes a part of this world. The surroundings in which the child lives begin to have an impact on him/her. The vibes that surround the child begin to bolster him/her with various energies. Similar energies that show themselves into our fundamental nature will likewise turn to be a part of his character. That is the reason it is basic to bring your valuable kid up in an optimistic environment. Abhimanyu, the child of the incredible warrior Arjuna, took in the learning to break the Chakravyuh when he was still inside his mother’s womb. Whatever be the source of the information that Abhimanyu gained, there is no uncertainty that nature had its influence in that mythological minute. So bring up your kid in such surroundings where positive energies abide in the environment.

2.   Parents- The first teacher

Undeniably parents are every child’s first teachers. Before a kid ventures towards his/her school journey, his brain has just crossed the main development phase of his/her psyche. That is the reason the fundamental reason why parents go about as the first teacher in the life of a child. Childhood is the greatest learning stage where a child catches and learns new things every other day. A child will most presumably turn into a "Problem Child" on the off chance that he is brought up in a home where parents act exasperatedly with one another. So unintentionally, parents are going about as an educator who is showing their child all the great or the awful things. Always treat your child in a manner he/she ought to be treated and teach him/her the way in which a child ought to be dealt with.

3.   Parents- The most Powerful Motivator

A child’s parents are indeed constant motivators of their child right from the beginning. There is no such feeling greater in this world than to see your child flourishing, earning a name for themselves, touching unprecedented heights of success, and bringing a sense of pride for parents. Undoubtedly, it's the parent’s consistent motivation that plays a crucial role in the all-round development of the child and further helps them in achieving their goals. It is a saying that words can never be destroyed and they tend to come back in the form of thoughts. Great words will absolutely infuse hope and negative or bad words will most likely cause him to feel critical about his abilities. That is the reason picking the words astutely can greatly affect his subconscious mind and can motivate him in the hour of trouble. It's not about the splendid times throughout everyday life but rather setting ourselves up for that snapshot of affliction when inspiration and motivation can be our closest companions.

4.   Parents- The best support a child can hope

Parents are every child’s best support system.. We as a whole realize that each parent needs the best for their children however some of the time our act of insubordination may hurt them beyond what we can think the extent that the career of your child is concerned. So whether your child is great at studies or sports or some other field, it is the obligation of each parent to help them and provide enough hope and motivation to prevail throughout everyday life. Constant support from family is all that a child can ask for while making life and career decisions at such times.

5.   Set aside time to play together

Squeeze out some time from your tight and hectic schedules and spend some time with your little one. Plan out some fun activities, play with them and try to understand them and their approach towards things. This can certainly be a lot of fun. The sacrifice of taking out time for your little one from your busy schedule is worth taking as it will help you understand your child better and will help in the all-round development of the child. You never know maybe you end up like Luis Van Gaal who would help his kid figure out some flaw in his technique. At times, spending time with your child helps you figure out many things like what situation makes your child perplexed or what are your child’s strong points and shortcomings or how strong is your child’s decision-making power, etc.

6.   Help your child take charge of his learning and Sports

Helping your child take charge of his learning and sports will help him evolve in many wondrous and effective ways. It is during the early years of a child that his/her mind grows at a quicker pace. So regardless of whether your child commits mistakes, it's absolutely not an apocalypse provided that he/she is taught the significance of learning from the mistakes made in past. Right now you will fuse a down-to-earth approach in your child and he will begin utilizing his own perception of taking a gander at things in a different way. Without being frightened of getting rebuffed for his missteps, he/she will before long see his slip-ups in an increasingly significant and meaningful manner thereby turning into his own teacher.

7.   Discipline Gently

Understanding what the child is trying to communicate directly or indirectly by his behaviors and mentalities is very crucial for every parent. A major part of the parent's job is to build up and maintain order in the family by requesting a specific level of discipline amongst the family members. This can be achieved by always having a calm response, reacting appropriately and sensitively thereby giving remedial feedback to your child when his conduct is wrong.

 A calm and wholehearted talk with your child is the key to bringing back things in the right place. It helps the kids in getting aware of their mistakes. On the contrary, an agitated response increases the chances of the child to defend him. Parents ought to do what is best for their children by keeping an eye on how their child behaves in different situations. Practicing a delicate yet firm style of discipline is very effective. If you plan at working in an effective way then you can set boundaries to control the kids, impose guidelines and benchmarks thereby incorporating goodwill in your child. Try not to give approval and rewards when a kid's conduct is unseemly. Also, it is the parents’ duty to caution their child to put aside games and TV until schoolwork is done. On the off chance that you need to ace the specialty of gentle discipline, you need to procure viable parenting techniques.

8.   Help your child take charge of his learning

Helping your child take charge of his learning is very crucial as this will aid him in evolving as an independent individual who would never seek any help constantly throughout his/her life. Guidance is significant for an aspiring player when he is towards the beginning of his journey yet impedance at each step about little things will absolutely obstruct the improvement of his senses and brain.

We need to keep kids accountable for their learning and become liable for it. We need them to be answerable for their triumphs and failures, show them how captivating learning is, and that the inspirations for learning ought to be the child’s innate interests rather than being an external reward.

9.   Keep a balance between school and sports

Maintaining an adequate balance between academics and sports is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires the contribution of both the schools and the parents of the child in helping them out in doing so and achieving unmatched heights. While you may need your child to commit more time to his studies than he might be doing currently, always remember that, and learning is of no good if you are consistently pushing the child to do so. Anything against his desires can foil his progress regardless of whether it is about his passion which may end up being hazardous for his self-confidence.

So be prudent about the amount you let or urge your kid to do something. That is the reason it's basic that you inject him with the examples of successful individuals who figured out how to keep harmony between many significant things. Ascertain that you keep a check on your kid and see if he/she is really enjoying what they are doing or not.

10. Keep TV to a minimum

Nowadays you can't envision a child not watching TV however you can certainly confine him to specific appropriate content on the screen like viewing sports shows of his favorite game. Set a few rules about TV and other relaxation exercises and ensure that they are followed willfully. Allowing him to spend hours watching TV and that too on content other than his preferred sport will unquestionably be an utter waste of time and energy. That is the place balance comes helpful. Schoolwork and studies can most presumably take the extra time he spends on TV and on other unproductive activities. The sooner he figures out how to deal with his time, the better it will be for him and sooner he will be ready to accomplish great things throughout his life.

11. Be a student yourself, Learn something new every day

There is a famous adage that "You are never too old to learn something new". The vast majority just go about as a reader and never implement the knowledge they’ve gained from those words into their lives. Changing your frame of mind towards your surroundings and individuals may resolve this issue. Make your child understand that learning is an art and anyone with a positive attitude can learn anything new at any time of their life. There's nothing undeniably more alleviating sight than seeing a real-life model. You can be that individual for your kid. So enjoy the playful activities with your child and there is a possibility that you might end up gaining some new useful knowledge. This might even assist your ward to a great extent as he has now found another contender at home and he may discuss a few things with you about the game which will just create a sport and healthy vibe at home.

It is very evident from the points discussed above that parents play a very major role in shaping the life of an athlete. Parents should make sure that their expectation levels are not rising beyond the child’s capabilities. Also, it is crucial to stay in touch with a child athlete’s developmental needs so as to boost the long-term accomplishment in all spheres of life be it sports, academics, or life in general.









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