Benefits of maintaining training log

How keeping Training logs help Athletes?

Anirudh Singh - 26 Aug 2021 14:10

A daily training log, or a training diary, is a journal and a tracker – a personal record of daily routines, emotions, observations, events and experiences and evaluations. It can serve several benefits to an aspiring athlete as it contains a record of their daily performance and health over a while, perhaps even a decade. There are several benefits it can serve.

The advantages of maintaining a daily training log:

  • It helps identify patterns in the athlete’s routine such as food, mental health and mood during the time of training, exercise, sleep and other such factors that lead to an athlete’s peak performance and work on it henceforth.
  • Moreover, training slumps can be identified and corrected.
  • Maintaining a record of one’s fitness or athletic journey gives a lot of confidence, especially when one looks back at their achievement so far.
  • Keeping a log also keeps the athlete motivated to focus on training and logging in every day to witness their journey up close.
  • It provides the coaches and academies with essential information about the athlete. The information can be used to compare, track, and even evaluate their training methods to get the best out of the athletes and therefore, the teams.
  • Maintaining a log establishes and confirms the goal of the team, coaches and athletes. It doesn’t let the mind divert from the goal.
  • It acts as an emotional outlet or as an outlet to relieve stress for the individual.

Coaches can guide their athletes better when they observe their team’s & individual athlete’s training logs or diaries. These logs inform the coaches of their mental and physical state before and after a workout, event, or match. It becomes easier to spot discrepancies when there is a record of what works best for the athletes. Hence, you must start working on yours now if you want to become a star athlete.

Some professional athletes go back into the season after recovering from an injury. It is maintaining a training log that helps them know their routine, what can work for them after recovery and slowly go back to attaining their peak performance. This is possible because of the daily updates in the log which show them how they reached their peak and what they did to attain that level of fitness.

It is fairly easy to start a training log; begin with the date, your vitals, the routine you practised on that day and your physical and mental state. Like your workouts, you can customise your training logs according to your coach’s requirements and yours too.

However, the best way to maintain a log is to use Xdrona. Xdrona’s online application provides a daily log with visual trackers such as graphs and charts to analyse performance and improvements every day. We aren’t just assessment providers but your companion in this journey of being your best self.


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