What is Assessment

Internationally recognized Fitness Test

Xdrona Assessment Include Musculoskeletal Assessment and CASE tests to gauge your overall fitness

Current level of Fitness

Through Assessment you know your current level of fitness with respect to the sport you are playing

Problem if any

Fitness Assessment help you find problem you may have in any muscle or bone group which might hamper your performance in sports or in the gym

Compete with Peers

Our technology platform will help you compare your fitness with the best of your peers. Now, you can compete and improve your fitness ranking

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Identify Injuries

Through our Assessments you can find out any underlying injury which might be hampering your movements in day to day life

Avoid Injuries

Our assessments are best to find any dysfunction in your body which might lead to future injuries. You can then undertake precautionary action to avoid that injury

Areas of Improvement

Our assessment can help you pin-point the areas to be worked upon to achieve the required level of fitness

Customized Fitness Program

Get one of its kind customized fitness program based on your assessment results

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